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Associate Professor

Dr. Szabolcs Csonka


H-1111, Budapest, Budafoki ut 8,




Olivér Kürtössy, Zoltán Scherübl, Gergő Fülöp, István Endre Lukács, Thomas Kanne, Jesper Nygård, Péter Makk, Szabolcs Csonka, Andreev molecule in parallel InAs nanowires, Nano Letters, 21, 7929 (2021), arXiv:2103.14083

Z. Scherübl, G. Fülöp, C. P. Moca, J. Gramich, A. Baumgartner, P. Makk, T. Elalaily, C. Schönenberger, J. Nygård, G. Zaránd, Sz. Csonka, Large spatial extension of the zero-energy Yu-Shiba-Rusinov state in magnetic field, Nature Communications 11, 1834 (2020), arXiv:1906.08531

Z. Kovács-Krausz, A. Hoque, P. Makk, B. Szentpéteri, M. Kocsis, B. Fülöp, M. V. Yakushev, T. V. Kuznetsova, O. E. Tereshchenko, K. A. Kokh, I. E. Lukács, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, S. P. Dash, and S. Csonka: Electrically Controlled Spin Injection from Giant Rashba Spin–Orbit Conductor BiTeBr, Nano Lett., 20, 7, 4782 (2020)

Z. Scherübl, A. Pályi, Gy. Frank, I. E. Lukács, G. Fülöp, B. Fülöp, J. Nygård, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, G. Zaránd & Sz. Csonka: Observation of spin–orbit coupling induced Weyl points in a two-electron double quantum dot, Nature Communications Physics, 2, 108 (2019)

Hofstetter, L ; Csonka, S ; Nygard, J ; Schonenberger, C, Cooper pair splitter realized in a two-quantum-dot
Y-junction, NATURE 461 : 7266 pp. 960-963. , 4 p. (2009)


2000 BME Scholarship
2001 National competition for physics students, 1st prize in Solid state physics section
2005 Award of excellent youth scientist, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2006 –2008 Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships
2009 –2011 Bolyai János Research Fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2010 – ERC Starting Grant
2011 Talentum Award, Central European Talent Support Foundation
2013 - 2015 Bolyai János Research Fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2014 Supervisor of the Year Prize, Pro Progressio Foundation for Education and Research
2016 Gyulai Zoltán Prize, Roland Eötvös Physical Society
2017-2022 Hungarian Academy of Science, Momentum Grant
2020 Hungarian Academy of Science, Physics Prize
2021 BME Pro Progressio, Best Publication Prize of 2020


2022-2025 150kEUR EU FlagERA MultiSpin
“Molecular engineering of layered magnetic materials: towards multifunctional spintronic devices”, Hungarian PI
2022-2025 150kEUR EU FlagERA 2DSOTECH
“2Dimensional van der Waals Spin-Orbit Torque Technology”, Hungarian CoPI
2021-2024 136kEUR NKFIH K138433
“Proximity effects in nanostructures”, PI, 47.8MHUF
2021-2025 248kEUR EU FETOpen, Pathfinder SuperGate,
“Gate Tuneable Superconducting Quantum Electronic”, Hungarian PI,
2019-2024 349kEUR EU FETOpen AndQC,
“Andreev qubits for scalable quantum computation”, Hungarian PI
2018-2022 150kEUR EU FlagERA TopoGraph,
“Engineering Topological Superconductivity in Graphene”, Hungarian CoPI,
2018-2022 150kEUR EU Quant ERA, SuperTop Network
“Topologically protected states in double nanowire superconductor hybrids”, Coordinator, 150kEUR/1490kEUR (own/network budget)
2018-2021 1528kEUR Vekop Infrastructure 2.3.3-15-2017-00015,
“Helium liquefier and recovery system for Central-Hungary”, PI, 489MHUF
2017-2022 820kEUR MTA Momentum Grant
“Spintronics in low dimensional nanostructures”, 262MHUF, PI
2017-2020 EU Marie Curie Int. Eur. Fellowship, TopoGraph, (P. Makk), Supervisor
2016-2020 140kEUR EU Flag ERA iSpinText EU Network
“Induced Spin Textures in Van Der Waals Heterostructures”, Coordinator 140kEuro/703kEuro (own/network budget)
2014 Swiss Sciex “ Novel Cooper pair splitter nanodevices”, Home mentor
2012 Swiss Sciex “Developing ferromagnetic analyzer nanocircuits”, Home mentor
2011-2014 295kEUR EU FP7 ICT Strep Network SE2ND
“ Source of Electron Entanglement in Nano Devices”
2010-2015 1496kEUR EU ERC Starting Grant
“Cooper Pairs as a source of entanglement”
2009-2011 45kEUR EU Marie Curie Reintegration Grant
“Fabrication and Electron Transport Study of Nanowire based Quantum Devices
2009-2010 78kEUR Norway-OTKA NNF 78841
“Fabrication and Electron Transport Study of Nanowire based Quantum Devices”
2006-2008 EU Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship,
“Exploring entanglement by noise measurements in nanoelectronic devices”


SuperTop Workshop, BME, 2022.05., 60, organizer, https://dept.physics.bme.hu/Workshop_SuperTop/

Other activities

2021 - MTA, Secretary of the Scientific Committee of Solid State Physics
2017- Hungarian Management Comittee Member of COST Network NanoCoHybri, “Nanoscale coherent hybrid devices for superconducting quantum technologies”
2017 - 2021 Leader of Quantum Electronics Subproject of HunQuTech, NKFIH, „Realization of Quantum Bits, development of quantum information networks” 556MHUF
2014 - 2018 Member of the Physics Panel of Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, OTKA
2012 - Deputy Head of the Department of Physics, BME
2010 - 2013 Leader of the Nanoelectronics Subproject of Research University grant of BME TÁMOP-4.2.1/B-09/1/KMR-2010-0002