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Assistant Professor

Dr. János K. Asbóth


H-1111 Budapest, Budafoki út 8.




Asboth, JK ; Alberti, A
Spectral Flow and Global Topology of the Hofstadter Butterfly
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 118 : 21 Paper: 216801 , 5 p. (2017)

Rakovszky, T ; Asboth, JK ; Alberti, A
Detecting topological invariants in chiral symmetric insulators via losses
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 95 : 20 Paper: 201407 , 6 p. (2017)

Asbóth, JK ; Oroszlány, L ; Pályi, A
A Short Course on Topological Insulators: Band-structure topology and edge states in one and two dimensions
Berlin, Németország, Heidelberg, Németország : Springer Verlag (2016) , 180 p.

Asbóth, JK ; Tarasinski, B ; Delplace, P
Chiral symmetry and bulk-boundary correspondence in periodically driven one-dimensional systems
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 90 : 12 Paper: 125143 , 7 p. (2014)

Asbóth, JK ; Calsamiglia, J ; Ritsch, H
A computable measure of nonclassicality for light
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 94 : 17 Paper: 173602 , 4 p. (2005)


2017: Pal Gombas Award (from the Hungarian Physical Society)
2014 Sept - : Janos Bolyai Grant
2013 Jan - 2014 Apr: Zoltan Magyary Postdoctoral Grant
2011: Junior Prima Award


From topologically protected states to topological quantum computation, 2017-2022, NKFIH, OTKA, PI
HunQuTech - National Quantum Technology Program, 2017-2021, NKFIH, scientific secretary


Quantum Walks and Information Tasks, 2019 April 21-26, Banff, Canada, invited talk
Search and Problem Solving by Random Walks: Drunkards vs Quantum Computers, 2018 May 28 - Jun 1, Bad Honnef, Germany, invited talk

Other activities

BME TTK Science Campus koordinátor (2020-)
QHungary founding member