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Associate Professor

Dr. Gergely Biczok


H-1117 Budapest, Magyar Tudósok krt. 2.




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6G-SKY, 2022-2025, task leader, CELTIC, EU
OTKA FK 138903, 2021-2025, PI, OTKA, HUN
SECREDAS, 2018-2021, BME PI, H2020 ECSEL, EU + HUN
5G Exchange, 2015-2016, BME PI, H2020, EU
EARTH, 2010-2013, task leader, FP7, EU


TPC member, PETS: 2021- CPDP: 2018- IEEE/IFIP NOMS and IM: 2019- IFIP Networking 2017, 2018 IEEE NetSoft 2017, 2018 IEEE NFV-SDN 2017- IEEE Infocom 2014 IEEE SERVICES 2019- IEEE Globecom 2015-